All-Natural Dog Snacks - (2 Flavours) 6-Pack

All-Natural Dog Snacks - (2 Flavours) 6-Pack

900.00 ฿
900.00 ฿

These planet-friendly dig treats are ideal for your rewarding your pooch without the guilt associated with typical highly processed dog food, full of artificial preservatives and chemicals. Let's face it, they are probably not really that great for your dog and certainly have adverse impacts on our planet.    

For Sensitive Tummies

Laika makes sure that all their ingredients are digestible and tummy-friendly for your dogs. All ingredients are chosen by pet food nutritionists to develop and ensure complete nutrition that are safe for your dog. 

All Natural Ingredients

Laika does not believe in using artificial or unnecessary ingredients. There is no added salt, by-product meat, artificial additives or preservatives. They use natural, locally-sourced ingredients to provide healthy nutrients for your dogs.

Why Does SAL SOCIETY Support This Product?

Laika dog treats use sustainable protein, which means that at SAL SOCIETY we are big fans. The primary source of protein is derived from insects which have high nutritional benefits and minimal use of natural resources. The insects themselves are raised with organic vegetables that would go to waste anyway. This means a reduction in waste and insects that are not consuming any antibiotics or harmful chemicals.  

This 6-pack includes 3 packets of the Happy Vitamin flavour and 2 packets of the Cotton Touch flavour. These treats support immune system function, body maintenance, healthy skin and coat. 

Reward your best friend with these treats!

Size available: 6 X 80g Pack