Miracle Neem Bath Salt USDA Certified Organic

Miracle Neem Bath Salt USDA Certified Organic

550.00 ฿
550.00 ฿

Certified Organic Neem Bath Products feature as the best solution to heal itchy symptom caused from skin allergy and skin diseases, which then alleviates a spread of diseases.

For a better curing and nurturing healthy skin, healing the whole body by bathing with invented certified organic neem bath salt.

The active ingredient is made from pure organic neem extract, which has a surprisingly great benefit to reduce itchiness caused by fungal and bacteria on skin without using any steroid.

With certified organic formulation, the products can be used as daily organic remedy and absolutely chemical free; make the healing process pure and safe for all skin types and ages. Certified Organic neem bath products can become an optimal choice for people looking for natural way of healing globally.

With the special combination extraction method of neem leaf, it is environmental friendly, low cost and no chemical used.

Znya Organics strives to be as sustainable in its production processes and practices as much as possible and gives back to communities. Znya Organics pledges the following to its customers and the Mother Earth:

  • only uses PET bottles which can be recycled.
  • all labels, brochures and leaflets are printed with 100% soy ink as such some printing may come off after some use, but we appreciate your understanding on this. 
  • if the products come with boxes, the boxes are made of recycled paper.
  • regularly donates soaps and other products to charities and orphanages every month so that they can enjoy chemical free products like you do.