Hair Shampoo - Essential Oil

Hair Shampoo - Essential Oil

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YAHN Hair Shampoo (restore, renew, rejuvenate) - 100% natural ingredients.

The idea of YAHN shampoo was developed from Thai traditional medicine knowledge using common herbs found in most Thai cuisine such as lemongrass, Kaffir lime and Holy Basil sourced from local farmers.

Other key ingredients include Jasmine Samba, Ylang-Ylang, Camphor, Borneol, Eucalyptus, Siam Benzoin, Blue German, Chamomile and Elemi gum from the Philippines. 

These herbs and botanical extracts are packed with natural goodness for your hair, natural floral scents from 100% essential oils, help moisturise your scalp, prevent dandruff, calm and sooth irritated or inflamed skin, contain natural antimicrobial which help cleanse your scalp and remove any oil and dirt particles. 


  • rejuvenate hair follicles
  • keep your hair in healthy condition
  • promote hair growth
  • restore damaged hair

Preservative free and no additional fragrance.

Size: 200 ml