Our Impact

SAL SOCIETY selectively partners with non-profit organisations with the mission to make sustainable change to the natural environment (flora and fauna), our oceans, reduce the impacts of climate change, lift people out of poverty and make assist those most vulnerable within our Society. 

In 2021 SAL SOCIETY is putting some focus on our the preservation of wildlife, including how human and animals can live in harmony. We have partnered with the non-profit conservation organisation -

More About Bring the Elephant Home (BTEH)

 To increase chances of survival for elephants and work towards a world in which people and elephants can live in harmony, benefiting from each other’s existence. 

Community engagement

BTEH conservation projects root in local communities. Usually, the people living near elephants are the most affected, while receiving hardly any benefits from their presence. Equitable and sustainable nature conservation respects their knowledge and values, and makes the benefits and income that elephants can bring accessible to all. 

Sustainable long-lasting change

BTEH’s work is characterised by three overarching guidelines: local involvement, a healthy ecology, and benefits for people and elephants simultaneously. They lead to shared decision-making, ownership of local communities, sustainability, gender- and social equality, pride, and a peaceful coexistence of people and animals: the crown jewels of our projects in Asia and Africa.